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Happy Love Day

For those of you who know me, you will know that I celebrate Love Day.

Love Day is celebrated every February 13th and unlike Valentine’s Day, the emphasis is placed on appreciating friends, family and people in your life as opposed to splashing out on fancy gifts or flowers to show adoration.

Sing out your love!

Sing out your love!

What is the difference between the two you say and where did all this madness come from? Well LD first came to be when I was in high school, grade 11 to be exact. All of my single friends moaned and groaned about how much they hated Valentine’s Day because they didn’t have anyone to celebrate it with. They didn’t get flowers, they didn’t get chocolate, they just got to be alone.

But when you think about it, what does everyone really want on Valentines Day? No one really cares about the flowers or the dinner or the presents. What people crave on Valentines Day is the love and affection that you feel when another person makes you feel special. And dang nabit, why should that love and affection be reserved for people in a relationship?

Love Day gives you that chance to tell the important individuals in your life why they are so fantastic and great. When was the last time you called up your best pal and thanked him for being incredible? Or when you did you last write your Mom a letter about how much you love her and how influential she has been in your life? Taking an extra 15 minutes to make the people you love feel special is priceless and giving a part of yourself is the best gift you can give another.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money (or any money for that matter!) to make someone feel special. It is the words and the emotions behind them that human beings crave, and it is that which connects us to one another.

So this Love Day, who will you appreciate it?


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I had to start by getting that out of the way.

Have you ever lacked inspiration? Or direction? If you have, you will know it is an absolutely horrible feeling, similar to being trapped in limbo or riding the Northern Line during morning rush hour.

I am one of many who fall into a very specific, yet very broad category of people. Good (read: decent) at a lot of things, Great at none. Around me I see talented photographers, fitness instructors, writers, artists, designers…the list goes on. What do these people have in common (other than being ridiculously talented at their craft)? They are inspired, driven and have direction.

I have tried many times to become dedicated to finding my place in life. I’ve been a gym buff, I’ve been bit the photography bug, and I even failed miserably with the consistent and humourous art of blogging. Why can’t I stay focused, driven and inspired to create an active world for myself which I excel at is beyond me. Maybe they just weren’t “my” things.

Sweatin' out the bad stuff

The D-L of the situation is this. I know I don’t want to be an office buff for the rest of my life. I want to do something active and ever-changing. Something that is my own, where I wake up every morning and inspire others by inspiring myself (insert some inspirational melody here).

Getting to my point, Hot Yoga. I like it (a lot) and I really want to immerse myself in it. Make it a “lifestyle choice”. Any other hot Yogi/Yoginis out there?

So I’m dying to know….what inspires you? What is your passion?

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British Sayings

I wanted to call this post “English Sayings” but I was concerned you would think I meant saying of the English language and not of the people of England. But I knew if I called it “British Sayings” ya’ll would know what I meant straight away. So, ya….I’m glad that’s been cleared up….

I’m Canadian. In light of this, I come pre-packaged with “eh” and “aboot”. But since landing in the UK I have noticed there are a few sayings that forever attached, in my mind, to the folks of Britain.

“to be honest.” I make a lotta phone calls in a day and I speak to a lotta Brits in a day. And you know what I like about them? They are a very honest group of people, well…for the most part. When I ask them if they are familiar with the concept of group-buying, when applied to e-commerce, I am always 90% of the time answered with “I’m not, to be honest”. This is nice. I like that they feel comfortable enough with me to tell me the truth. However, I am always very concerned when people say “yes, I am” with no “to be honest” tacked on to the end.

“oh my dayssss!” Ya…I don’t really get this one either. It is usually used by the youth of today to show their excitement or amazement. It is a person favorite because it is just so stupid.

“innit”. A combo of the words isn’t and it, “innit” is best compared to the Canadian “eh”. Added to the end of a sentence for no real reason, other than to annoying the living sh*t out of me. It just makes a person sound so uneducated and the sound of it is literally like nails on a chalk board.

So TELL ME THIS. What sayings can you think of, world wide, that you have found to be country specific? That way, when I travel to them I can blend in with the locals, innit.

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I have a job. For many of you, this may come as a shock.

My work is located in the heart of London at Oxford Circus and it just so happens that my office has a balcony that over looks one of the busiest crossings in all of London. Yes, it is the point where Oxford Street crosses Regent Street.


Where I rock out all week

Now friends. Would it not be AWESOME to stand out on that balcony with a giant megaphone and observe loudly? And be completely obnoxious knowing that those people will never see you again and you are 5 floors above them?

I can just picture it!

“Hey you this the red. Yes you with the red shirt! Why are you giving me evils like I’m a sack of dirt”


“Hey you two I see you! Yes I see you making out! Everyone look at those two making out I bet you are jealous!”

Yes, I picture singing it but the singing would only enhance the excellence of this.

Now on a scale of 1-10 what is the likely hood of me being fired? THAT is a question I will find an answer for. I have read and re-read my contract and there is nothing in it stating that I am NOT allowed to do this. I have decided that I am going to get a megaphone and try this out. Why? Because it would be the best 10 minutes of my work day.

Don’t worry, I will film it and post it so we can all have fun. And for those of you who don’t know me…I love having fun!

“Hey you with the eyes that read, I see you reading on me”

I just had the sudden urge to head butt someone.

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So it is Monday. And it is morning. Therefore, it is Monday morning.

Most of us are not looking forward to hauling ass outta bed for a week of work, but as we all know there is one reason why we go to work on Monday:

Hilarious YouTube videos.

Since we all love a way to kill a little bit of time on a Monday…or any day of the week, I thought I would share with you some of my most favorite YouTube videos.

Cat Gate

Short but so very sweet

Popeyes Runs out of Chicken

This one is a favorite. For most of us, life is a daily struggle, but to take away our chicken? How DARE you!

Star Wars Kid

A classic through and through.

Boom goes the Dynamite

Poor guy, he’ll never be able to look a crowd of 1 million viewers in the face again

Whistle Tips

This is a good one to start the morning. It’s like an alarm or somethin’


I love socially awkward people. Therefore I like this.

This is just a selection of favs. But please…I always need more in my collection. And it is Monday for me too. So share your YouTube picks (but not your nose picks) and in the words of my idol, Michael Scott:

“I have got to make sure that YouTube comes down to tape this”

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Every time I hear the word volcano, I think of the Rainforest Cafe and their famous Brownie Volcano. This post is obviously not about that Volcano, but rather THIS volcano:

It's Eyjafjallajokull's party and it will cry if it wants to

It's Eyjafjallajokull's party and it will cry if it wants to

It’s also about Iceland. Oh Iceland! Pre-Iceland Volcano fiasco, this is what I knew about Iceland: It’s Capital is Reykjavik, its official language is Icelandic and it is where Sigur Ros is from. Now something inside my gut told me that there was more to Iceland than there 3 measly facts so I Googled “famous things in Iceland/ Best things to do in Iceland”. This was the #2 best thing to do:

Ride Viking ponies through lava fields.


I’m sure it would be awesome and all, buuuut that is the second best thing to do in Iceland? Ride ponies and shit? Iceland’s 15 minutes of fame has been forever f’d up by a Volcano and all they have to offer as salvation is ponies. I’m sure if you were to take a world poll called “What do you know about Iceland” the top result would be “They have a stupid Volcanos that puff ash which therefore makes my life a living hell and I hate them because they suck”.

People. We should be blaming that cow Mother Nature, not the sweet people of Iceland. But mad respect for Icelandic and all but what kind of name is Eyjafjallajokull for a Volcano? Did they put their national cat or whatever on a computer keyboard and let is mash around until it came up with a name? If that’s the case, here is my Volcano’s name:

Dfigadguiaerhi….pronounced “Da-fig-ad-gee-air-he”.

Has a nice ring to it. Actually this game is fun. Let’s all be 14 again and bash on our keyboards for our Volcano’s name. Then post it on our Facebook and Twitter pages and no one except us will know what we are talking about and we’ll all have a big inside joke uniting us all woo hoo BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER!

But seriously, do it. I did.

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Backstreets Back

I have made my glorious return.

Ok let’s be honest, if it’s me, then it is probably not so glorious, but rather more whore-ish and most likely slightly draggish. I have been getting a ton of e-mails hootin’ and hollerin’ at me about my lack of recent posts. Before I am crucified further, give a gal a chance.

  1. I have been working like a dog. And not your typical dog, but more like a Junkyard Dawg. Between a real job, freelance and smiles I have just been wiped out. And when I say wiped out, I don’t want you to get the impression I have been on the show Wipe Out.
  2. I need to sleep. More specifically I need my beauty sleep. I say this because without proper sleep I resemble a horrible ogre that looks like it recently had its face smashed in with a baseball bat. And for those of you who aren’t exactly sure what that looks like, it more or less is IDENTICAL to looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein.
  3. I may have no friends (ones I pay to hang out with me sadly do not count) but I enjoy getting outside to enjoy the day. I know that probably sounds like an oxymoron seeing as I live in London, UK but the sun does shine here and when it does it’s real…and it is spectacular!
    1. On a sad side note, I am currently taking Friend Applications. I cannot offer to pay you as I am probably more broke than the homeless fella who hassles me in front of the ATM, but please feel  free to either e-mail me or comment with why you would make a good friend. After very little consideration, I will probably accept you as my new BFF. (Well  2nd to Katsou and Bella)

You probably don’t give a sh*t about why I haven’t posted. And my excuses are most likely infuriating. So that being said, and like my broken promises before, I am back to share my words of stupidity with you.

P.S. I am hungry. Bring my food please!

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